Support the SOCPA 7!

25 August activists from Georgia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine held a protest in front of British embassy in Tbilisi in solidarity with the British animal defenders, who are targeted in the investigation of SOCPA 7 case and wait for the court in UK in September. They have a threat of facing serious prison terms for protesting against animal testing industry and specifically against Huntingdon Life Sciences, the biggest vivisection lab in Europe killing 180.000 annually.

Activists chanted slogans for the withdrawal of all charges towards their comrades British comrades and for the immediate release of Debby Vincent, who is already put in prison for six years due to Blackmail 3 case and also is involved in SOCPA 7 case. At the same time they protested against vivisection and other forms of opression of our fellow beings, holding the banners “Down With Animal Testing! GO VEGAN!” and „Animal Liberation“ and shouting antispeciesist statements.

Protesting Is Not a Crime!